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Master Lock S3500 permit control centre

Master Lock launches its new Permit Control Station S3500 which is forthwith available on the Lockout-tagout-shop. This Permit Control Station makes it possible to store all necessary products and documents for a LOTO procedure in a single organised location. Lockout-tagout-tryout or LOTOTO is a safety procedure during which all energy sources of machines and installations are isolated, locked and marked before any maintenance work is allowed to commence. In the implementation of lockout-tagout procedures, safety padlocks, locking devices and safety tags are being used.

The Permit Control Station S3500 consists of 2 modules: the Work Permit Board S3501 (for documents) and the (Group) lockbox S3502. These parts can be used as a set or individually.

The Permit Control Station has an INOX-430-casing with powder coating, suitable for outdoor use. In addition, the station was prepared for wall mounting. The clear impact-resistant window ensures a good view on the work permit and keys. The casing has a rubber seal that prevents water damage in case of outdoor use or during cleaning activities. The Group lock is provided with 12 numbered padlock holes and a padlock hole for applying a commissioning lock. It is provided with a detachable carrying handle to be able to easily take the group-lockout locks to the isolation points. A tag with laser engraving on the lock box is optionally available.

The proper organisation of a Permit Control Station makes it easier to effectively perform group-lockout. Group-lockout could reduce the number of required safety padlocks and improve the effectiveness of the lockout procedure. Group-lockout is applied when many people are involved in a single LOTO-procedure and/or if multiple energy sources are to be locked at the same time. During the isolation of the energy sources, employees use procedure sheets, key numbers and a count of the number of locks to determine whether the LOTO was performed correctly. During audits on an installation, missing locks can easily be identified if these are fitted with a laser engraving with key number.

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